Honda Element & 2nd Gen CRV Camber Kit Options

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Many of our customers ask us about camber kit options. 

We often recommend as a good source for these components.

At the top of the site, you can enter the year, make, and model of your car. 
In this example, we will enter 2005 Honda Element and enter "camber kit" in the search box. Click the first option for "alignment caster / camber cam bolt kit". 



The first drop down menu will be "Alignment Caster / Camber Cam Bolt Kit" which is to adjust the front camber. Most skip this or only use one bolt per side (two in total). Ensure that the adjustment range is enough. 

Link to camber bolts   



Scrolling towards the bottom of the drop down menu, there will be a "control arm" menu. This will be used to adjust the rear camber. The rear camber arm is the most common upgrade paired with our lift kit. Two is required per vehicle. Ensure that the adjustment range is enough. 

Link to rear camber arms



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