Built to last, offroad wheels that won't break the bank!

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Built to last, offroad wheels that won't break the bank!

Finding the perfect wheel for your lifted Element or CRV can be quite challenging. Luckily, we have done all the homework for you! 

I met the people at MST many years ago when I first started in the aftermarket automotive industry. If you’ve been to SEMA, you may have come across their booth. They are a known brand among smaller car shops that cater to car enthusiasts who seeks the best bang-for-the-buck wheel. 

It’s simple to select a wheel from a top-tier Japanese company such as Volk/Rays or Advan.  However we realized that it hurts a little when we bang up $2000 forged wheels each time we’re out offroading. We totally recommend those wheels if you can afford it and don’t mind the occasional heart attack.

We are very particular when it comes to recommending brands to our loyal customers. We would never recommend a brand or product that we wouldn’t personally use! 

The following are the main factors that were taken into account during our wheel vesting process. 

Style- Wheels have to compliment and look proportional to the body of the car. We paid close attention to spoke design and the step-lip which can impact the perceived size. The wheel needs to have enough clearance for the brake calipers. Multi-spoke wheels are difficult and a hassle to clear, therefore 6 spokes is perfect. 

Finish - Wheels have to be durable to withstand many years of exposure to the elements (no pun intended). The paint on these MST wheels won’t chip or flake. 

Performance - Weight of wheels must be lighter than the original Honda wheels without sacrificing strength. Less rotational mass equals better acceleration and MPGs. 

Strength - Minimum of JWL certified. MST has spent tons of money and hours designing, testing, and revising their wheels to ensure that they are safe and robust for daily road use.  

What does JWL mean? 
"JWL" (Japan Light Wheel Alloy) is a compilation of standards defined by the Japanese Government to ensure the vehicle's safety for aluminum road wheels. Every wheel put to market must be tested to meet JWL standards before a wheel can be put out to market in Japan. - Cartype 



Size - It’s like these wheels were made for Hondas! 16 inch in diameter which is similar to most 2nd Gen CRV and Element original wheels and 8 inch in width. Directly transfer your offroad tires to these wheels! The most popular sizes for these wheels are 225/75/16 or 235/70/16. The width of the wheels can support even bigger 30 or 31 inch tires. 

Inventory - Aerogenics has a separate, reserved inventory for all of our wheels. We ship directly from the warehouse.  

Shipping - We offer free shipping to any US address in the contiguous 48 states. We can ship to anywhere in the world, contact us for a quote. 

Safe - We would never sell anything that we wouldn’t personally use on our own car. We completely stand behind this product!

Here’s JR’s Honda Element on the Bronze MST wheels (which are now available for pre-order, arriving end of August 2020)

These wheels sold out fast last time!  Don’t forget to pick up a 5th wheel as a spare. 

Aerogenics goodies on JR's Element

Aerogenics 1.5” front / 2.0” rear lift (larger rear due to the extra weight of the swingout) 

Aerogenics 1.0” Rear Arm Spacer (centers the rear wheel) 

Aerogenics Level 2 engine/subframe drop kit (corrects axle angle)

Aerogenics billet rear lower control arm 

Aerogenics ditch light mounts

We have THREE SETS of GLOSS BLACK wheels in stock and ready to ship. 





These wheels sold out within a few days.

Arriving at the beginning of September:

We have EIGHT SETS of BRONZE wheels left for preorder.


We have SEVEN SETS of GUNMETAL wheels left for preorder.


 *Gunmental wheel will be 5x114.3 

  • All wheels include hubcentric spacers to adapter the wheel to Honda’s 63.1mm center bore. 
  • Tapered lugnuts required. Professional installation required. 
  • Wheels include free shipping to the lower US 48 states. Email us for shipping quotes.