Spring Compressors Review

Installation of our lift kits are much easier with the proper tools. Although not required, we highly recommend the use of a spring compressor. 

Using a spring compressor will allow for easier installation (due to the increased length of the lift kit) and less tension on the strut mount/top hat so the 30 degree realignment is much easier. 

Option 1: Free rental from your local autoparts store. 

Your local autoparts store (i.e. Autozone) often has spring compressors for rent with a full deposit. These spring compressors work well with the Honda Element and 2nd Gen CRV however we had some difficulty using it on our 1st Gen CRV. The springs on the 1997-01 CRV are much more tightly wound and the rental spring compressor is too bulky to be used. 

Pictured below is the spring compressor we rented from Autozone. The brand is OEM Tools and it's for sale on Amazon for about $33 USD with Prime. 



Option 2: Perfect for 1997-01 Honda CRV

We found these low profile spring compressors on Amazon that worked perfectly with the tightly wound springs. A little more pricey at $50, we believe that it's worth the extra money. 

Shankly Spring Compressor Tool (2 Pieces) - Heavy Duty Build, Ultra Rugged Coil Spring Compressor, Strong and Durable Spring Compressor 

$50 USD

 These spring compressors are small enough to fit in between.


Disclaimer: We are not associated any other brands. Use spring compressors at your own risk! We are not liable for any damages or injury from misuse.