Customer Spotlight: Element Society’s Grocery-camper

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Customer Spotlight: Element Society’s Grocery-camper

“This Element is built for everything from quick trips to the local Costco and National Parks."

JR was one of the first people that we met with the Element. He’s the brains behind Element Society on Instagram and one of the hosts of the Element Society meet that occurs every few months back when COVID-19 wasn’t around. 

Surprisingly (or not) this is his second Element.

JR: "I built this Element for adventure, road trips, and off-the-grid camping to a certain extent. I have been a Honda fan since the late 90s so I’ve always been familiar with working on them. I wanted to stick with something that I could work on in the home garage with the help of friends."

After living the low-life, avoiding pot-holes, scraping bumpers, JR saw lifted E’s pop-up all over social media. This made him reconsider missing those cool weekend camping trips that his Toyota buddies would go on. After searching far and wide, he finally found the perfect candidate for his “budget” camping build. We’re glad JR got to keep both his lowered SC and his lifted Element (shoutout to his wife Carina!)  

We hope you enjoy these pictures of JR’s 2003 Honda Element. 

Aerogenics 1.5" front and 2.0" rear lift to compensate for the full size spacer and swing out. 

Aerogenics Lift Kit for the Honda Element (link to the item)


The famous Element Society sticker. (Hit up Element_Society on IG to cop one!)

JR standing on his custom built Silo Garage roof rack. No problems with extra weight!

ARB awning 

JR: "The lift was added for needed ground clearance with that came the new struts, to make it more capable I added the all terrain tires. With adding the bigger tires the stock spare was not going to cut it so adding the full size spare tire carrier was an issue. Lucky there was a local fab shop willing to work with me to bring the rear bumper swing out to life. We decided to go with a tube design to keep it as light as possible without sacrificing strength. That also gave me some more room to add the 2 Jerry cans (1 water and 1 gas) with the added weight from the gear came the Bilsteins and 2.0” rear lift spacer." 


JR: "The roof rack came along when we went on a trip and decided to bring the dog and needed added space for gear." 


AEM short ram intake 

Semi-hidden switch panel to control all the lights! 

Left side spot lights, light bar, ditch lights, rear chasing lights (and side-to-side?)


Mounted CB antennae


Military jerry cans

Water spigot, perfect for watching your hands

100% functional! 

DIY mollie panels, shout out to Fred for using these dog crate separator 

First aid, flash light, tire deflater, gloves, tie downs, etc


Fire extinguisher and fan for sleeping in the Element


Aerogenics ditch light mounts (link to the item)+ Auxbeam lights


Perfect for sleeping eh?

Notice how the rear wheel is centered AFTER the lift. 
Aerogenics has the solution: 
2003-11 Honda Element 1.0" Rear Arm Spacer

JR: "We never seemed to arrive at the campsite during the day or have enough sunlight to set up so adding some lights came in handy."

Chase light


Side spot lights

Air freshener 

Our very first prototype Aerogenics Rear Lower Control Arms and Bilsteins 

The rear lower control arms are designed with 1" of extra clearance under the arm. Click here to go to the item. 

Photos taken by JR of Element Society 

Words written by Jason

Modification List

Aerogenics 1.5” front / 2.0" rear lift kit

Aerogenics Level 2 engine/subframe drop kit

Aerogenics 1.0” rear trailing arm spacer 

Aerogenics rear lower control arms 

Rear upper adjustable control arms 

Adjustable camber bolts 

Bilsteins 4600 series rear shocks 

Falken Wildpeak A/T 3 235/70/16 

2.0” wheel spacers all around 

Silo Garage full size rear spare tire swing out with two five gallon jerry can 

5 gallon water jerry can with water spigot 

Vans waffle grip handle 

Amazon motorcycle license plate lights 

Silo Garage full roof rack 

ARB 2000x25000 awning 

MICTUNING MIC-B1002 LED light wiring harness X5

Ebay spot spot lights left and right side 

Ebay rear chase light 

Ebay light bar 

Ebay ditch lights 

Aerogenics ditch light mounts 

Ebay cargo case 

OEM bug deflector 

OEM fog lights 

K&N short ram intake and filter 

Uniden PRO520XL 40 channel CB radio 

Firestik three foot firefly CB antenna 

Firestik SS-204A adjustable stainless steel vertical door jamb mount 

18’ RG-58A/U coaxial cable 

Pioneer double din radio/bluetooth/backup camera

Custom made (dog crate separator) mole panel with first aid kit and hand curated trail goodies