2002-06 Lifted CR-V Examples

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2002-06 Lifted CR-V Examples

Wonder what lift size to get for your 2nd Generation Honda CR-V? What tires will fit? We have compiled some of our customers cars in this CR-V showcase. If you want to submit your car, please email us with at sales@aerogenicsusa.com

The tricky part with lifting these cars is that every CR-V has different suspension wear over the years. Some cars have a slight sag which can be leveled out with only a 1" lift spacer in the rear. Aerogenics lift spacers are not interchangeable for the front and rear suspension. 

Lift: Aerogenics 2.0" Front / 1.0" Rear Lift Spacer


Lift: Aerogenics 2.0" Front / 2.0" Rear Lift Spacer
Tire: 235/75/15


Lift: Aerogenics 3.0" Front / 2.0" Rear Lift Spacer
Tire: 235/75/15


Lift: Aerogenics 3.0" Front / 2.0" Rear Lift Spacer