2007-11 Honda CR-V Complete Catalytic Converter Cover (Cat Cover) Front & Rear

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Protect the catalytic converter on your Honda CR-V with the Aerogenics Cat Cover! 

We decided to come up with an entirely unique design that is modular and compatible with the Aerogenics lift kit. The cover will not catch or snag on rocks when off-roading. Its low profile design does not reduce valuable ground clearance on the CR-V(see product pictures.) 

The Aerogenics Cat Cover is entirely made in-house at our Corona, California location. The panels are CNC machined from USA aerospace grade aluminum which will not rust over the lifetime of your CRV. Lighter than steel and strong enough to withstand typical saws, you'll save gas carrying less unnecessary weight around.  

We include all hardware and installation instructions. Installation is a breeze due to our multi-piece design. You can assemble the entire cat cover prior to installation or attach one piece at a time on the car. You won't have to worry about supporting the entire weight of the cover during installation. We were able to install the cover in less than 30 mins with a socket set, box wrenches, and Allen keys (L wrench).  We also offer an randomized security bolt set for added protection. 

Key Features

  • Front and rear portion
  • USA aerospace grade aluminum - will never rust
  • Low profile/multi-height adjustable design - will not drastically affect ground clearance
  • Off-road ready - will not catch or snag on rocks
  • Fits most aftermarket catalytic converters, as long as the oxygen sensor is in the OEM location
  • Only catalytic converter designed to work with our lift kits 
  • Free shipping to all US territories 

Things To Consider

  1. Worn engine/transmission mounts may allow for excessive movement which can rub/contact against the cover. This will not damage the cover or the catalytic converter.   
  2. Side steps may use some of the same holes as the cat cover. Therefore, we predrilled additional holes on the cover. This allows the customer to use a tap or rivet-nut on non-threaded holes (underside of the CRV) and use that as an additional mounting point. 
  3. This cover will only deter theft. With enough time, any cat cover can be defeated. 
  4. Old/worn rubber exhaust hangers can allow too much movement which may contact the cat cover resulting in excessive vibrations or noise. Replace the worn rubber pieces while you're already under the car with brand new rubber exhaust hangers. 
  5. Center plate, this piece completely seals the bottom of the cat cover which allows for a smooth surface if you're offroading and prevents any access to the cat by thieves. This is the ultimate protection. 
  6. Security hardware uses a special key the install and remove the cat cover.

Please feel free to email us with any questions, comments, or suggestions.


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