1997-01 Honda CR-V Billet Trailing Arm Spacer

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Our Aerogenics billet trailer arm spacers are designed and machined in house from aerospace grade aluminum 6061-T6. These billet spacers will reduce the rear caster gain when utilizing our rear lift spacer which will allow for bigger tires. The 2.0" spacer adds 0.7" of clearance to the front of the tire and 1.0" of vertical lift.

We use USA sourced hardware which exceeds OEM specifications. Our precision machined billet spacers perfectly fit with the provided hardware. A larger mounting surface area for the trailing arm offers increased safety and rigidity when compared to off-the-shelve options. Additionally, our billet spacers are designed to fit with the OEM suspension brace. 

Professional installation recommended. Alignment is highly recommend/required. Off-road use only. 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects. 


  • 4 x billet spacer 1.0" #110. 2.0" #109
  • 4 x Class 10.9 hardware
  • 1.0" trailer arm spacer add an additional 1.0" of lift. 2.0" spacer now available

Wheel Caster

Pictured is a 215/75/15 tire with a 2.5" rear lift spacer. 
Before, there about 1.0 inch (25mm) of clearance between the front of the tire and the body. 

After installing the trailing arm spacer, there's ~ 1.7 inch (43mm) of clearance between the front of the wheel and body. 


Ride Height

    With the same setup as above, the top of the tire to the body had 4.5" of clearance prior to installation of the trailing arm spacer. 

    After installation, there was a gain of 1.0 inch in the ride height. 



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