Aerogenics x Swift / Heavy Duty Rear Springs - 03-11 Honda Element

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Aerogenics x Swift / Heavy Duty Springs, Honda Element (Rear Pair)

Aerogenics is able to offer a completely genuine and unique product in collaboration with the highly respected Swift Springs company. Countless hours of R&D were invested in this project for our customers to enjoy a superior product that will outlast the lifetime of their vehicle. 

These springs are specifically designed for Elements that routinely carry extra weight. These heavy duty springs are perfect for Elements loaded with road trip essentials, camping gear, rear swing-outs, e-campers, roof top tents, or even for the weekend trip to Home Depot or Costco. 

The Aerogenics x Swift heavy duty springs will prevent the rear suspension from bottoming out and causing permanent damage to the shocks. Top-of-the-line proprietary Japanese steel alloy equals a better ride while carrying extra weight. 


The Aerogenics x Swift spring upgrade is 100% compatible with OEM Honda and most OE style shocks. These springs are also compatible with the 2nd Gen CRV Bilstein rear shocks. 


These springs can be installed on a completely stock Element or together with an Aerogenics lift kit. 



*Discount codes cannot be applied to Swift Spring products. 


Key Features

  • Genuine Aerogenics x Swift Springs Product
  • Specifically developed for the Honda Element
  • Swift traditional bronze color
  • Built to Aerogenics specifications
  • Perfect for daily, overland, and off-road use
  • Honda Element rear springs only, for use with OEM/OE style shocks 
  • Made in Japan with Swift’s cold wound technology 
  • Manufactured using proprietary Japanese steel alloy. 
  • Priced per pair, rear only. Free shipping within the USA


Who is Swift Springs? 

Established in 1997, this Japanese company has extensive experience in multitudes of different races including road racing, rally, off-road, drift, autocross, pavement and dirt oval track, motorcycles, and much more. Swift springs are one of the most popular choices when racers upgrade their springs. It is offered by many coilover manufacturers as a top-tier suspension setup. 

We highly recommend installation with a licensed mechanic. We are not responsible for any damage or injury incurred during the installation process. Any damage during installation process will void warranty and refund ability. Please contact us with any questions! 

Element Society’s 2004 Honda Element 

Automatic + AWD



Starting weight

Current camping setup + weight 

  • The Silo rear bumper + swing out (with spare tire) = 120lbs 


Added weight 

(in addition to the bumper and swing out) 

Distance from top of the rear wheel well to the ground

0 lbs / 0 kg

33.5 inches / 851 mm

150 lbs / 68 kg

33 inches / 838 mm

210 lbs / 95 kg

32 ⅞ inches / 835 mm

240 lbs / 109 kg

32 ⅞ inches / 835 mm

390 lbs / 177 kg

32 ⅝ inches / 829 mm

450 lbs / 204 kg

32 ½ inches / 825.5