1992-95 Honda Civic Rear Lower Control Arm - Eye Bolt Style

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This Aerogenics lower control arm is the result of feedback from multiple road race drivers. We emphasis strength and rigidity as the main criteria of the arm. Design revisions and FEA simulations help ensure that there are no compromises. 

Fitment: 1992-95 Honda Civic with "Type R" style shock/suspension mounts, also known as eye bolt style. 

Notches on the bucket some standard on our lower control arm to allow for access to suspension knobs on double and triple adjustable shocks. 


We CNC machined this product in our Los Angeles facility. Entirely made of aerospace grade 6061-T6 aluminum, these arms will not rust or break over the  course of its life. We offer the arm in a machined finish with Energy bushings and spacers for various suspension brands.