1997-01 Honda CR-V Front Upper Control Arm Spacer

1997-01 Honda CR-V Front Upper Control Arm Spacer

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When lifting the 1st generation CR-V, the front upper camber arms are often over extended at an awkward angle. Since there are no camber adjustments on the OEM suspension, an aftermarket upper control arm (camber arm) is often used to adjust the camber. 

The Aerogenics Upper Ball Joint Spacer is design to work with popular aftermarket front camber arms. By adding an additional 1.5 inch of space, the front camber arm is no longer strained and can safely be within the original designed suspension range of the CR-V. 

Fitment: TruHart front upper control arms. Email us if you have other brands of front upper control arms (HardRace, Megan Racing, etc.)

Kit Includes:


2 x Front Upper Control Arm Spacers

12 x Class 12.9 Socket Bolts

1 x Installation guide

For off road use only. Not liable for any damages or injury as a result of improper installation. Installation by a certified mechanic is highly recommended. Proper wheel alignment is highly recommended.