2003-11 Honda Element / 2002-06 Honda CR-V Level 2 Engine + Subframe Drop Kit

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

 Prevent the infamous axle vibration with our "Level 2 Engine + Subframe drop kit"

This kit will lower the engine and subframe 1.0" which corrects the angle of the axles and reduce stress on the CV joints. 

If you already have axle vibrations, you may want to replace them in addition to this kit. The cv joints may be already damaged. 

We recommend this kit for lifts 1.5" and greater! 

Considerations when installing our kit

The effectiveness of this kit will depend on the following variables

  • Axle mileage: if they are the original Honda axles with 150k + miles, then there's a good probability that they're towards the end of their life. It's time time to replace or rebuild them. 
  • Axle brand: some customers try to save money on non original Honda axles which ultimately cause axle vibrations due to it's inferior design. Replace them with brand new OEM Honda axles or high quality aftermarket axles. 
  • Improper installation: there are occasions where the axle is damaged during the installation of the lift kit. Don't over extend the axle or let the CV bend pass it's normal range of motion. We are not responsible for damage during installation.  Symptoms are presented as more vibration after the installation of  this kit. 

Professional installation recommended. Off-road use only. 1 year warranty against manufacture defects. 


  • 9 x 1.0" CNC precision machined billet spacers #112
  • USA sourced hardware
  • 1 x CNC machined deep socket


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