Caster PLUS LCA Adapters - 2006-11 Honda Civic

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

The addition of positive caster has been well documented with various performance gains such as increased straight line stability, “feedback,” and an increased camber curve under compression. Performance oriented manufactures tend engineer an optimal amount of positive caster into their suspension geometry design. The 8th Generation Honda Civic platform has promising potential which can be optimized with various suspension adjustments.

Caster is typically adjusted by camber/caster plates located at the top of the strut. Although there are a few options available (HPD), these are often difficult to obtain and very expensive. Additionally, these camber/caster plates are specific to certain shaft diameters therefore excluding a majority of “off the shelve coilovers”.

Aerogenics Caster PLUS LCA adapters adds caster (about 2 degrees) on the lower control arm in between the ball joint. This provides a universal approach for all applications since it is independent of the coilover/shock brand. Non-adjustable adapters also provides greater rigidity.

Positive caster will shift the wheel "forward" towards the front of the vehicle. Therefore when using wide/low offset wheels, there may be some contact with the front bumper, wheel well, or control arm upon “full lock.”

Various racing sanctions may not approve of suspension modifications, please verify prior to purchase. Alignment REQUIRED after installation. 

Technical Specifications

Aerogenics Caster Plus LCA Adapter
Applications: 2006-11 Honda Civic (Left & Right specific)
Adds ~2 Degrees of caster (non adjustable)
Compatible with Honda OEM ball joint
CNC machined from USA Aerospace Grade Aluminium 6061-T6
Finish: Raw Aluminum 
Hardware: Class 10.9 US sourced (>OEM Spec)
6 - M12x1.25 Studs pre-installed 
6 - M12x1.25 Flange Nuts
Dimensions: 1.5" thick
1 Year Warranty against all manufacture defects
Off Road Use Only.
Not liable for suspension failures. 
Alignment REQUIRED after installation.