2002-06 Honda CR-V Lift Spacers

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2002-2006 Honda CR-V Lift Kit 

Combined of 4 lift spacers for front and rear installation. 1.0" / 1.5" / 2.0" / 3.0" thick spacers. 

How to pick the correct lift kit:

  • Most popular lift kit: 2.0" Front / 1.0" Rear = ~2.0" EVEN LIFT 
  • 2nd popular lift kit: 1.0" Front / 1.0" Rear = ~1.0" Lift
  • If you want a higher rear rake: 2.0" Front / 2.0" Rear (Rear will be over 1" taller than the front)
  • Highest Lift: 3.0" Front / 2.0" Rear (Level 2 engine/subframe drop kit + camber kit highly recommended)

MADE IN THE USA with aerospace grade 6061-T6 aluminum. 

The Aerogenics lift spacers come in 1.0" / 1.5" / 2.0" / 3.0" inches in height. They are CNC machined in house out (USA) of a single piece of aluminum (billet = strongest). These lift spacers are heavy duty and they will not deteriorate over years of use. You won't have any issue with salt during the winter months. We stand behind all of our products! All of our materials are  USA certified aerospace grade. All of the bolts we use are high quality and installation instructions are included! There are over 100 sets of CR-V lift spacers being used today!

We wouldn't sell anything that we personally won't use!  

Material: USA Aerospace grade USA 6061-T6 aluminum

Height: 1.0" / 1.5" / 2.0" / 3.0"

Machined finish

Includes USA replacement hardware

1 year warranty 

Any questions, please email us!

Off road use only. Professional installation recommended. 

Alignment is highly recommended.