Delrin Bushing Replacement

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Rubber bushings wear and flex over time which results in various unwanted effects such as alignment issues and improper tire wear which ultimately results in poor performance.

For the average person, hard rubber bushings are sufficient since they provide basic performance while retaining a majority of comfort. Typically, polyurethane bushings are the next step in performance which are more durable while providing additional performance (due to less flex) and retains a majority of the comfort. 

Delrin is considered more performance oriented since it is very durable and allows for minimal deflection. It's self lubricating properties prevents the bushing from being destroyed through numerous cycles of the suspension articulation range. Although ride comfort will not be the same as a rubber bushing (due to its ultra-low deflection), performance will greatly improve. These bushings are designed to outlast both rubber and polyurethane bushings. 

Delrin bushings are designed for those that want to maximize performance out of their suspension components while retaining drive-ability and minimal maintenance. For people that want maximum performance without regard to comfort (such as a race car), we recommend spherical bearings. 

Note: Due to the unpredictable variation of suspension components, these bushings may results in different tolerances when installed. 

Sold in quantities of TWO (2). Two bushings are required per each bushing location (front and back bushings). 

Technical Specifications

  • Designed for Performance
  • Ultra-low Deflection
  • Self Lubricating 
  • Maintenance Free for Life
  • Made in USA

Various Aftermarket Suspension Arms

Confirmed Fitment: 

  • 2006+ Honda Civic / Acura ILX Godspeed Project Rear Camber Arm
  • 1992-1995 Honda Civic Godspeed Project Rear Lower Control Arm
  • Please email us for fitment suggestions.